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Real Estate Media Experts

High-quality images give you a more professional look. When you meet with a seller the professional media you have in your portfolio will give them more confidence in your ability to sell their home for the best price and quickly. More than half of the listing agents in the industry use a professional real estate photographer to capture their home. We offer solutions to set you apart from your competitors with more than just photos.  This is more noticeable when you are selling homes in the most competitive list price bracket. The more competition there is, the harder you will have to work to stand out. You want to look as professional as the other agents listing in your area which means you’ll need to use media design for the now to capture the homes you are listing.

Real Estate Photography

Eye Capturing Photos

Here’s the reality. Large, high-quality pictures are a basic requirement for any real estate marketing package. Dynamic, 3D visual tours, however, can be a huge differentiator which can set you apart from your competition. Moreover, they are proven to generate more leads and more qualified leads. Potential buyers are more primed because they have already virtually visited the home. You can focus more of your attention on interested, informed buyers.

3d virtual tours

Show ’em What They Want

3D virtual tours engage buyers in a way words and photos can not.  Create listings that are always available to view and walk-through online, in any time zone, from any location in the world.

Property Videos

The Power of Real Estate Videos

Video is worth the effort. 73% of homeowners say that they are more likely to list with a real estate agent who uses video. Unfortunately, only 9% of agents create listing videos. Listings without videos are easy to skip over, and those that use aerial images and videos are appealing to buyers and sellers. With drone technology, agents can capture powerful, alluring videos of properties, giving buyers a real sense of the place.

Video marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools as it fosters engagement, storytelling, and authenticity.

Social Media Management

We at Tailor & Reach can help you focus on doing what you do best… buying and selling homes.  Allow us to take over your social media marketing and establish your digital footprint in the crowded space we call social media.  That is just one lest thing for you to worry about.  Contact us for more information.

Agent Profile Video

Who Are You?…REALY.

Use video to show your present and potential clients a side of you they might not normally see.  People do business with people that they like.  Video profile videos are the most efficient authentic way of doing that online.

Community Videos

Be The Go-to in Your Community

You should be practicing the 80/20 rule in your business.  80% value…20% sales.  By positioning yourself as the expert and connecting with your community you will start to become known as the Go-To for real estate transactions.  Business highlight videos are a great way of doing that… not to mention they are really fun to do.